Bayou Catfish Barbecue

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45 minutes 4 Servings Print RecipeEmail Recipe


4 catfish, about 1 pound each (skinned and pan dressed)
  salt and pepper (to taste)
2 onions (minced)
1 green onion (minced)
1 bell pepper (minced)
1⁄2teaspoongarlic powder
1tablespoonworcestershire sauce
1 lime (juiced)


Rinse fish, Pat dry, and sprinkle with salt and pepper. Tear off four squares of heavy duty foil, 18 inches each, and butter them. Place a fish on one-half of each square.

Sauté both onions and pepper in butter until soft. Stir in garlic powder, Worcestershire sauce, lime juice, and salt and pepper. Spoon sauce equally over fish. Fold other half of foil over fish and seal the edges with double fold. Place packages of fish on and oiled grill, 6 inches from medium hot coals. Cook 12 min. on each side. Open one package and test for doneness. To serve, cut a big crisscross on the top of the packages and fold back the foil.

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