Bananas with Rum

Bananas with Rum is a classic recipe from the Pacific side of Latin America: primarily Mexico.

Caribbean Champagne

This recipe for Caribbean Champagne is a tropical flavored cocktail great to have when you come in from the sun.

Blue Hawaiian

This is a fun drink to experiment combinations with: change up the flavor or types of juices or creams and still have a Blue Hawaiian.


A great summertime drink - have one at the beach!

Acapulco (Rum based)

This is the rum-based version of an Acapulco - there is another drink without tequila and pineapple.

Acapulco (Tequila based)

This is the tequila-based version of an Acapulco - there is another drink with rum and lime juice.


A classic recipe for making Eggnog at home, from scratch.

Rum-Brandy-Champagne Punch

A delicious recipe for Rum-Brandy-Champagne Punch - perfect for a holiday party.

Southern Eggnog

A classic recipe treat for the holidays of Southern Eggnog.

Hot Mulled Cider

A traditional recipe for Hot Mulled Cider (with alcohol).

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