Honolulu Chicken

A recipe for Honolulu Chicken provided by the Windmillers of Almaden Vineyards, San Francisco.

Bran Muffins

A classic recipe for Bran Muffins that is served at the Clayton Country Inn, Oklahoma.

Pork Burgers Deluxe

A favorite western recipe for Pork Burgers Deluxe from a Kansas home.

Hawaiian Scallops

You can use either bay or sea scallops in this recipe for Hawaiian Scallops.

Acapulco (Tequila based)

This is the tequila-based version of an Acapulco - there is another drink with rum and lime juice.

California Barbecue Sauce II

A delicious recipe for California Barbecue Sauce - the second of it's type on this website, and very easy to make.

Honolulu Cooler

A variation on the Hawaiian Cooler, this recipe for a Honolulu Cooler is also a favorite drink for the beach and summer.

Hawaiian Cooler

A great recipe for a Hawaiian Cooler; perfect for summer and the beach.

Hawaiian Grilled Pork Chops

A great cookout recipe for Hawaiian-Style Grilled Pork Chops.

Hawaiian Barbecue Sauce

A great summer recipe for Hawaiian Barbecue Sauce.

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