Old-Fashioned Sugar Cookies

A classic recipe for delicious Old-Fashioned Sugar Cookies.

Pumpkin Hermits

Pumpkin Hermits are a delicious cookie perfect for the autumn and winter.

Oatmeal Gems (Cookies)

A classic and soft oatmeal cookie recipe known as Oatmeal Gems here.

Passover Chocolate Cookies

This recipe for Passover Chocolate Cookies is a chocolate brownie recipe in all respects except the flour: matzoh-meal is used instead.

Peanut-Butter Drops

A classic cookie recipe for Peanut-Butter Drop cookies.

Lemon Drops

A classic Lemon Drops cookie recipe.


This is a great recipe for Pizzelles; a classic Italian cookie for the holidays

Peanut Butter Tassies

A classic and delicious cookie recipe for Peanut Butter Tassies.

Soft and Chewy Cookies

A classic recipe for Soft and Chewy Cookies which can be easily made with a variety of flavors.

June's Meringues

A classic cookie recipe, June's Meringues can be made large, as in this recipe, or smaller - less time will be needed for smaller ones to color.

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