Brownie Pudding

A decadent and delicious recipe for Brownie Pudding.

Passover Chocolate Cookies

This recipe for Passover Chocolate Cookies is a chocolate brownie recipe in all respects except the flour: matzoh-meal is used instead.

Brownie Cupcakes

A unique and delicious recipe for Brownie Cupcakes.

Bittersweet Brownies

A delicious recipe for Bittersweet Brownies; perfect with a sweet frosting.

Chocolate Frosting

This recipe for Chocolate Frosting is especially good for brownies.

Vanilla Cream Icing

A easy and quick recipe for Vanilla Cream Icing; perfect for cookies or brownies.

California Chocolate Brownies

This recipe for California Chocolate Brownies is less sweet than some brownies; hence the suggestion for frosting these brownies.

Chocolate Orange Brownies

Chocolate Orange Brownies recipe.

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