Ford's Fantastic Pancakes

A family recipe for pancakes from the west coast.

Maine Blueberry Pancakes

A classic recipe for Maine Blueberry Pancakes as served and brought to us by The Isaac Randall House in Freeport.

Golden Nugget Cakes

A recipe from an historic gold mining area for Golden Nugget Cakes, served at the Willowbrook Inn, Oregon.

Beer Griddle Cakes

The perfect guy food? You be the judge on this recipe for Beer Griddle Cakes.

Basic German Pancakes (Deutsche Pfannkuchen)

A class recipe for Basic German Pancakes (Deutsche Pfannkuchen); much more like a crepe than an American pancake.

Fresh Blueberry Sauce

At only 10 calories per tablespoon, this sauce is a delicious, fresh, and low-calorie treat. Serve warm over your favorite pancakes.

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