Winterthur Iced Tea

Winterthur Iced Tea is a recipe from the Winterthur estate archives in Wilmington, Delaware.

Diabetic Milk Shake

A refreshing beverage you won't tire of in warm weather!

Strawberry Nectar

Have an abundance of strawberries? Why not try something different from strawberry jam?

Strawberry Milk Shake

A classic drink - does anyone not like this?

Orange Ices

Orange Ices are a delicious frozen dessert for warm weather.

Banana Split Shakes

A classic recipe for Banana Split Shakes.

Mulled Cider

A classic recipe for Mulled Cider.

Old-Fashioned Wassail

A classic and easy-to-make recipe for Old-Fashioned Wassail.

Brazilian Hot Chocolate

This recipe for Brazilian Hot Chocolate is a great version of hot chocolate to try.

Chocolate Crunch Chuckle

A classic non-alcoholic drink recipe for Chocolate Crunch Chuckle.

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