Turkey Sandwiches with Cranberry Cream Cheese and Sweet-and-Sour Cucumbers

A great recipe to help you with turkey leftovers. Or maybe if you just like turkey and a great sandwich!

Grilled Soft-Shell Crab Sandwich with Crabhouse Spices

Soft-shell crabs are a specialty of the Chesapeake Bay area; enjoy this recipe for Grilled Soft-Shell Crab Sandwich with Crabhouse Spices inspired by the Maryland region.

Chicken Club Sandwiches

A southern recipe for Chicken Club Sandwiches that would be perfect as a late afternoon tea.

Barbecued Buffalo Sandwiches

Spahn's Big Horn Mountain Lodge located in the western state of Wyoming brings us this recipe for Barbecued Buffalo Sandwiches.

Pork Burgers Deluxe

A favorite western recipe for Pork Burgers Deluxe from a Kansas home.

Baked Barbecued Beef

A great picnic recipe for Baked Barbecued Beef from the countryside.

Old Berlin Frankfurters

This recipe for Old Berlin Frankfurters is great to prepare ahead for a picnic or even a chilly winter game-day.

Mexican Tortilla Sandwich

A delicious recipe for a Mexican Tortilla Sandwich that is quick and easy to prepare.

Marinated Chicken in a Sandwich

A fantastic summer sandwich recipe for Marinated Chicken in a Sandwich.

Poppy Seed Panino with Smoked Trout

A perfect sandwich recipe for lunch in the winter.

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