Turkey Sandwiches with Cranberry Cream Cheese and Sweet-and-Sour Cucumbers

A great recipe to help you with turkey leftovers. Or maybe if you just like turkey and a great sandwich!

Chicken Club Sandwiches

A southern recipe for Chicken Club Sandwiches that would be perfect as a late afternoon tea.

Peep-Willow Chicken Salad Supreme

A delicious summer recipe for Peep-Willow Chicken Salad Supreme created by the Peep-Willow Farm in New Hampshire.

Barbecued Buffalo Sandwiches

Spahn's Big Horn Mountain Lodge located in the western state of Wyoming brings us this recipe for Barbecued Buffalo Sandwiches.

Baked Barbecued Beef

A great picnic recipe for Baked Barbecued Beef from the countryside.

Turkey Salad ala King

A simple and easy to make recipe for Turkey Ala King.

Marinated Chicken in a Sandwich

A fantastic summer sandwich recipe for Marinated Chicken in a Sandwich.

Mustard Sauce

A recipe for Mustard Sauce good for sandwiches, burgers or hot dogs.

Victoria Sandwiches

Victoria Sandwiches are a simple snack or dessert that traditional was made from equal weight of eggs, butter, sugar and flour. History has it that these were a favorite of Queen Victoria.

Poppy Seed Panino with Smoked Trout

A perfect sandwich recipe for lunch in the winter.

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