Curried Lentil Salad

This recipe for Curried Lentil Salad is originally from Huckleberry's Fresh Market in Spokane Washington.

Turkey Salad ala King

A simple and easy to make recipe for Turkey Ala King.

Chicken Curry Jaipur

A classic Indian recipe for Chicken Curry Jaipur.

Curried Chicken

A classic and delicious recipe for Curried Chicken.

Curry Mayonnaise Dip

A delicious dip recipe for Curry Mayonnaise Dip.

Curried Apples

A recipe for Curried Apples - a perfect side dish for any meat.

Curry and Cucumber Dressing

Curry and Cucumber Dressing is a delicious topping or salads or sandwiches.

Curried Avocado Dip

A delicious recipe for Curried Avocado Dip; great with grilled chicken or just as a dip for chips.

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