Tropical Fish Kebabs

This recipe for Tropical Fish Kebabs is perfect for a tropical-themed summer cookout.

Fresh Apple Walnut Cake

A recipe for Fresh Apple Walnut Cake created by the Pleasant Lake Inn of New Hampshire.

Imperial Baked Apples

A delicious recipe for Imperial Baked Apples.

Dark Fruit Chutney

A classic English recipe for Dark Fruit Chutney.

Fruit with Amaretto Cream

Fruits that can be used with this recipe for Fruit with Amaretto Cream include berries, peaches and grapes.

Fruity Breakfast Tostada

This recipe for a Fruity Breakfast Tostada is a unique and tasty way to start your day.

Apple Compote (Apfelkompott)

A simple and delicious recipe for Apple Compote (Apfelkompott).

Raspberries Romanoff

A delicious and classic fruit dessert recipe for Raspberries Romanoff.

Italian Peach Torte

A perfect topping for a torte. In Italian, known as a torta.


A classic torte recipe you can use with any suitable fruit.

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